Site Visit Summary

My site visit with Professor Melendez was the first Site Visit that I’ve completed as an individual rather than in a group. This brought a new dynamic with new benefits and challenges that I enjoyed adapting to. Particularly, I appreciated getting to participate in a dialogue where I had to explain my clinical decision-making. I think the individual attention allowed for more specific guiding questions to be asked to me, and I found that to be very valuable. Specifically, during my first site evaluation, we had an interesting discourse requiring when a vaginitis panel would or would not be appropriate to perform. Patients often endorse having vaginal discharge, but that oftentimes may be a non-pathological physiologic change. Still, it would be in best practice to perform a vaginitis panel whenever discharge is reported and documented in the HPI. Discussing thorough documentation and treatment plans is a very important part of my clinical education, so this was very valuable!