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2 – LTCFor patients with chronic constipation, what is the effect of laxative products compared with fruit on facilitating easier bowel movements?For geriatric patients with treatment-resistant depression, what is the effect of adding aripiprazole to current medications compared with changing SSRIs on improving depressive symptoms?Are geriatric patients who have fear of falling (P) more likely to have worse functional outcomes (O) when compared with geriatric patients without fear of falling (C)?
3 – Ob/GynFor women undergoing induction of labor, does vaginal versus oral misoprostol for cervical ripening decrease the risk of cesarean delivery? In women at low risk of labor complications, does obtaining continuous fetal heart tracing during labor decrease birth complications and adverse neonatal and maternal outcomes compared with intermittent auscultation?For pregnant women with nausea/vomiting, is ginger vs placebo effective in reducing symptoms?
4 – Peds
5 – IM
6 – Ambulatory
7 – Family Med
8 – Emergency Med
9 – Psychiatry