R3 Reflection

This rotation showed me that OBGYN is more multifaceted of a specialty than I had thought it to be. The variety in caseload and settings exceeded my expectations. Spending two weeks in the outpatient clinic, I saw a variety of health maintenance visits and acute complaints from both pregnant and non-pregnant patients. During my two weeks on the labor and delivery floor, I triaged patients, helped with vaginal deliveries, and got OR experience assisting in cesarean sections and sterilization procedures. During my gynecology week, I saw many post-partum patients and ED consults, and again got to participate in the OR. I was not expecting so many different opportunities! This rotation also facilitated my understanding of the OB/GYN healthcare team. I now know the difference between midwives and OB/GYN NPs, which I did not previously. I worked closely with the labor and delivery nurses and now understand the role to be more specialized than I had previously thought. I also have a better understanding of the roles of the OB-GYN PA and the OB-GYN doctor, and how their roles fit into the careteam on a larger scale. I think much about this rotation surprised me, and I enjoyed it very much!